In 2021 here is the #1 thing to focus on that will elevate EVERYTHING, your business, your relationships, and how you handle the up coming obstacles in 2021. Because they’re coming.

Assume your power: You can choose the Meaning you give every moment of your life, and you can choose a meaning that empowers you!

1945 Victor Frankl wrote a Brook Called “Man Search For Meaning” in this book he describes the life of camp life in the Holocaust, specifically in Auschwitz.

The worst of all the camps. These Camps had a 3% survival rate-

When Victor arrived at the camp, they were put in a line where a German Nazi officer seating in the front of the line decided whether someone goes left or right with his finger. When it was Victor’s turn he was send to the right, as his family and friends were send to the left. He later describe learning the sinister meaning of that finger deciding his fate and that of the people he loved dearly.

With 13,000 woman and children, and older people, sent to the gas chamber daily.

Later Victor wrote: “They took everything from me. My family, my title, my life’s work. But the one thing that they can’t take from me. The last human freedom. Is my ability to choose my own response and attitude in any situation”

The power to choose your on response in any situation!

Between stimulus and response lies the space of choice.


Event + Response = Outcome.

Taking full Responsibility for any outcome in your life gives you power.

Response + Ability = Responsibility

In all situations you and I have the ability to choose our Response 🙌🏼

And what can we choose?

You can choose the meaning you give any situation, including being in a concentration camp after your family have been murder.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes-

All experiences are internal. Because All communication is internal- and the quality of your life is determine by the quality of your internal representation and communication -

How are you seeing and therefore communicating an obstacle, when they come your way? That meaning will determine your outcome..

Are you seeing this a stressful situation and communicating to create a depression state? Or

Are you seeing obstacles as an opportunity to grow and to take you to new levels of your life?

What NEW way of looking at your situation can you come up with that WILL EMPOWER YOU?

Be mindful of your power in 2021, and see a New Years resolution become and New Years Revolution.

International Entrepreneur and Speaker.